~ I have been a patient of Dr. Paul Stiles for more than three years.  When I first came to him I was in constant pain and my daily schedule was defined by my misery.  I remember never being able to get comfortable.  In an attempt to relieve my pain I would sit on a hard wooden floor and try to just look straight ahead because it hurt so much to move.  I could not look down or turn my head without it hurting.  When I tried to read I felt sick.  I had headaches.  I did not sleep well.  Pain medication did not help. I was frightened by how badly I felt every day, all day long.  I had been seeing another chiropractor at the time and I could not understand why I was not getting better even though I had been treated regularly by this doctor for the past two years.

One day my husband recommended that I go see a different chiropractor.  He had driven by Dr. Paul’s office and he suggested that I make an appointment with him.  I checked out the Stiles Chiropractic website and I was impressed by the testimonials. On my first appointment Dr. Paul spent so much time with me.  I felt encouraged and I believed that he could help me, and he surely did.  I started to see improvements right away. I had a lot of ground to cover, but he helped me to get there.  He also had me doing exercises to facilitate my healing.
Dr. Paul’s help changed my life dramatically.  My health improved greatly and so did my personal life. Within one year of my first visit I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine by returning to college.  I went on to take and complete 104 credits in just 7 terms and I graduated in June of 2016.  I consider this a miracle, given the fact that I was in so much discomfort that I could not even read at all when I first came to see Dr. Paul.
Dr. Paul is also extremely knowledgeable about health and fitness and has given me great advice in those areas too.  In addition to feeling better and earning a degree I have lost about 25 pounds since I first came to see him.  I am active physically every day.  I do yoga about five times a week and walk daily.  Partly because of this, I feel 15 years younger than I did when I first came to see him.  Also, when I feel pain I understand that something is wrong and I now I know that discomfort does not have to be a way of life.  Even though I feel younger, vital and healthy again I still see Dr. Paul regularly to maintain my health.  While I no longer live in Novi and have a 60 mile commute to his office, I am still one of his patients. I always look forward to my visits with Dr. Paul.  He is always smiling, positive and encouraging.
I will be eternally grateful to him for all that he has done for me.  He has changed my life and future forever.  I am now in graduate school and I am working on my PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Forensic Psychology.  I could not have done this before I met him.  With his continued excellent care I expect to have a healthy, successful career and future.

Nicky Turner

As a tennis player, I’ve constantly had to battle with neck strains that would sideline me from practices and tournaments. After seeing countless doctors, therapists, and trainers, none seemed to know the exact cause of these strains. Frustrated and confused, I was left helpless – until I met Dr. Paul last year. After our first appointment, he corrected the misalignment in my muscles that resulted from the constant torque that my body undergoes from playing tennis, and I was able to leave feeling completely recovered. It was amazing. Now, I see Dr. Paul on a regular basis to prevent and alleviate such strains, whether it be in my neck, back, or hips. I used to be a huge skeptic, but now am a firm believer in the magic of chiropractors. If you are a high-level athlete, or even just someone in search of a better and pain-free life, then pay Dr. Paul a visit – it will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Tim Wang

Two-Time Michigan High School Tennis State Champion

“Mr. Tennis” of Michigan

Tennis Player at Columbia University

My name is Adam Fenton, a member of the USA Bobsled team.  I came to Stiles Chiropractic with hip and lower back pain.  It was my first experience with a chiropractor, and it was a great one.  I never wanted to go to a chiropractor before because I was nervous about a possible negative experience that would hurt my performance on the track.  I was amazed by the results and the issues I have unnecessarily been trying to tough out. I highly recommend Stiles Chiropractic to any and all athletes.  They have taken me one step forward to my Olympic dream.

~Adam Fenton

I am a professional athlete in the sport of Ice Dance Skating for 20 years now. I represent France in the World and Olympic level of competition. There is not one day that goes by when I am not hurt due to the intense workouts that my body is put through. I know my body very well as an athlete and have been treated by many chiropractors, physiotherapists, trainers, etc. all around the world. It is very difficult for me when I arrive in a new country to train and trust that I can find someone who is going to “save” me when I am in pain. I was training in Novi when after about a month I was having huge pain that I thought I would not be able to get through, including not being able to lift my arms, not being able to turn my head, and sleepless nights. This is a massive problem when you have to train everyday for minimum of 6 hours. My skating partner found some good reviews about Dr. Stiles on google….but I never trust reviews because I had a bad experience last time I did.  Thank God I still took the chance (too much pain I suppose).  Dr. Paul Stiles saved me, and there was A LOT of work to do on my body to get me back to feeling healthy and pain free. One thing I can say after seeing many chiropractors, I know when they are good or not, and Dr. Paul definitely is. I would recommend him to anybody!!!! And if you are like me and never trust reviews, go ahead with this one, I know what I am talking about!

~Pernelle Carron

What I like best about Dr. Paul Stiles is that he listens. I’ve was seeing a different chiropractor, paying a lot of money, for the past two years. I like to swim, bike, run, and do cross fit. My hamstring and hip flexor were not cooperating, the pain in my hamstring was almost intolerable. The old chiropractor didn’t know what to do, he just kept adjusting my neck saying it all starts there. Finally, after thousands of dollars because the other chiropractor said I had to come to him 3 times a week, I decided it was time to change gears and find someone new. After 2 visits to see Dr. Paul Stiles the pain was minimized and I was able to run. Visit number 3, I’m told “things are staying in place, keep doing what I’m doing and to come back when I feel the need”. Dr. Paul not only fixed the hip, he unlocked my feet. He is a nice guy, he listens, and my favorite thing was when he said he likes to win, if he can’t figure this out he will spend his lunch break researching and finding the answer. I’m looking forward to now being able to participate in my favorite events pain free.

-Sue, Novi

I have been training and playing hockey all of my life, however getting a bit older has caused some strain on  my back. Whenever I start to feel that twinge of pain in by back and thigh I get in right away to see Dr. Paul at Stiles Chiropractic. One visit with him and I feel great and am right back on the ice playing the sport I love -hockey!!!

Manon Rheaume

Thank you Dr. Paul Stiles and your staff,

I greatly appreciate the highly effective adjustments and tissue therapies that keep me healthy and much less prone to injury.  My martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, requires a  healthy and resilient back, neck, hips, and shoulders.  All are critical to stay in the game at 56 years old and to compete at the highest level.  The attached video link shows the results of your World Class Care. On Oct 7, 2012, I won the IBJJF World Championship Senior 5 Division, at Long Beach, CA.

 -Eric Twigg, Farmington Hills

“From my first appointment with Dr. Paul Stiles, I knew I was in the right place.  He was able to pinpoint all of my trouble spots immediately and he continues to montior them through funcitonal tests on each visit.  My training this season has been uninterrupted and injury free, as we have been able to effectively address issues early, preventing progression to an injury.  I am very excited about the level of training and the race results I have been able to achieve so far this season and I know my chiropractic care has played a major roll in that success.”

-Amy Gluck
(5 time Ironman World Championship Qualifier)

“I transferred to Michigan State to play baseball in 2010 after having Tommy John surgery on my elbow.  The typical recovery for this type of surgery is 18 months to 2 years. During the rehab process I ended up developing tendonitis in my shoulder which hindered my recovery and made it difficult to throw.  I would experience pain in the shoulder any time I would try to throw which was extremely frustrating.  This winter I was told of this new Cold Laser treatment being used by Stiles Chiropractic.  I came into Dr. Paul for this service and to be adjusted.  Although I was skeptical of the results I would see, after only two visits with the Cold Laser I saw marked improvement in how my shoulder felt and the way it performed when I would throw off the mound.  Now being about 6 sessions in I no longer have any pain in my shoulder and am able to pitch for Michigan State.  I owe a lot to Dr. Paul and his staff at Stiles Chiropractic for their amazing service and care they provided me!  I would highly recommend this service to anyone, athlete or not, who is experiencing any type of muscle pain and wants to get very fast and effective results.”

-Bryce Jenney (Pitcher for Michigan State University)

I received cold laser and ultrasound treatments at Stiles Chiropractic to help with tendinitis I had in my shoulder and elbow mainly due to extensive training in the swimming pool. After only three treatments on my shoulder and elbow, the pain was significantly reduced, and as a result, I was able to go back to my training program right away. The shoulder treatments were more than a year ago and to this day the tendinitis has not returned.

Nathalie Gardon

The Stiles Family name has been a part of our family for over 27 years now. Dr. Bob helped my mother find comfort when she was pregnant with me. He also helped my father who suffered from two very bad car accidents. We now see Dr. Paul and are highly impressed with his talents. He has a sincere attitude and deeply cares about the well being of his patients. I can’t begin to describe how thankful I am to Dr. Paul. I was experiencing some intense pain in my hips and lower back while pregnant with my daughter. He recommended that I get in the pool and swim or just move around, by following his advice I am nearly pain free! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Katelyn, Novi, MI

I’ve been witnessing Stiles Chiropractic help people for over 10 years. Not only do I send my clients to Stiles, I send my family to them. Dr. Bob, his son Dr. Paul, as well as their staff are all great people who care about what’s best for their patients and getting them results!

Jeff Kong, Owner Tri-Covery Massage & Fitness

Stiles Chiropractic is easily the best chiropractic office in Oakland County. Their job is to never have to see you again and fix you for life. I was a back pain sufferer for almost 30 years and now it’s all gone thanks to Stiles Chiropractic. Highly Recommended!

Mark, Novi, MI

I have been a firefighter for over 20 years and Dr. Paul has put me back together too many times to count. Our work Doctor has been referring other FF’s to Dr. Paul for treatment of work related injuries and has been extremely impressed with how quickly he has got us back on the job. My health and well-being have been in his hands for many years past and many more to come…God willing. You Rock Doc!

FFD, Novi, MI

I am a runner and I came to Dr. Paul with painful Achilles tendinitis, because my right hip was the cause of some bad mechanics. After just one visit where I received an adjustment and cold laser therapy, I noticed a huge improvement. I was frustrated and ready to take significant time off from running, but Dr. Paul got me back on the roads again! I am completely amazed at how much I improved in only 2 weeks!

Jessica Shehab, Novi MI

I once asked Dr. Paul during an examination, “How is it that you know exactly where I hurt?” He replied, “Because I know your bones.”

Dr. Paul Stiles and Dr. Robert Stiles provide very competent care and wellness. They, along with the entire staff at Stiles Chiropractic, make it a priority to know every patient personally and make them feel welcomed – “like part of the family”. In addition, Stiles Chiropractic excels at customer service. I trust them with my entire family!

Jerry Barterian, Livonia

I had foot pain for over 2 years, seen several doctors, had x-rays, an MRI, and the doctors wanted to send me for more random tests in hopes of figuring out what was wrong. I spent over $1800 in tests and the doctors still could not tell me what was wrong. I actual had an orthopedic doctor tell me I was faking it. I went in to Dr. Paul and with in 5 minutes he figured out I had a bone out of place and had it fixed. I haven’t had any pain since. Never going to the doctors again for pain!

Katelyn T. Novi, MI

I have been a patient of Dr. Paul’s since I was 11 years old. He has helped me recover from a sports injury as well as prevent injuries. The services provided at his office, along side his chiropractic work, have allowed me to excel in my dancing. The Cold Laser therapy, massage, and Ultrasound have all been beneficial treatments. Dr. Paul’s priority is to get you to feel your best and to work together to maintain alignment. The nutritional supplements have also been a big help to maintaining my health.(2011 United States National

Scottish Dancing Champion)

US National Champion 2011 World Championships 2011 (Scotland)

Sarah Ketron, South Lyon

My visit with Dr. Paul Stiles was a first for me. I’ve never been to a chiropractor and must admit I was a bit leery. I started running last summer and for an unknown reason I started having pain in my right hamstring that would not go away-even with months of rest. Dr. Stiles came very highly recommended, so I made an appointment as I didn’t know what else I could possibly do to get rid of the pain. Dr. Stiles was very knowledgeable and was spot on when diagnosing my leg issue that I’ve struggled with for a year now! He took the time to explain why and what is going on with my leg and I felt very confident he would take care of the issue. Within a few visits, the pain was gone! I look forward to working with Dr. Stiles and his team! I am thrilled to know that I’ll be running again!

Angela Arnold

I did permanent damage to my shoulder and neck in a childhood diving accident, which went undetected until I experienced stiffness and pain as a teenager. Luckily, I was introduced to Dr. Robert Stiles who provided me with decades of pain relief and friendly sage health advice. I have since developed an exceptional doctor-patient relationship under the same roof with his son, Dr. Paul Stiles. When injuries arise – like a twisted lower back! – it’s a relief to know that I can rely on Stiles Chiropractic for both physical relief, plus the ability to soothe my spirits during the setback.

After a lifetime of great service, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give Stiles Chiropractic a 20! It’s invaluable and reassuring to know that they will always be there to fix my ailment and to encourage me to be the healthiest and best person I can be!

Joleen Firek | Patient since 1986